Justice Roberts Blinks, Upholds ObamaCare — the Mandate is a Tax and is Constitutional 6-3

Chief Justice Roberts is so concerned about the integrity of the Supreme Court, that he forgot about the integrity of the U.S. Constitution.

Justice Roberts simply held that the mandate is a tax because he did not want overturn ObamaCare — that is what drove his decision.

The mandate is a tax ruling is the manner that the Chief Justice could gain a majority vote in the U.S. Supreme Court — therefore, it’s a tax.

Justice Roberts is a clear and present promoter of a massive and expansion of Federal power. He bent over backwards to rule that ObamaCare is constitutional, and therefore, once again the Supreme Court refuses to protect the American public from a massive expansion of Federal Power.

The bottom line is that Justice Roberts blinked and now HSAs health plans in the individual and small business markets will be increasingly hard to find, until they cannot be found at all.

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