Just Like the Sudden, Shattering Collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia will Shatter in 2023

Among the few who predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union,  I am also predicting that the Russian government will shatter like the Soviet Union did, suddenly and completely.

In a deal with the West, for an end to sanctions and economic support, Russia will adopt a Western-type democracy and withdraw all its troops from all of Ukraine, yes, including Crimea.

This will happen by the end of this year, and the catalyst for this series of events will be 1) the military rout of the Russian armed forces after their failed winter/spring offensive, or, 2) the long overdue death of Putin.

Either option cannot come soon enough.

Putin, the incompetent fool, will create exactly the opposite kind of change that he wanted.

So, there will be some justice in that, oh, the Russian armed forces will be eviscerated — another brilliant move by the brilliant strategist Putin, who presided over the collapse of Russia.



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