Jussie Smollett’s Epic FAIL or 15 Reasons Why Hollywood Actors and Singers Should Not Attempt Propaganda Operations

Let us count the ways that Jussie Smollett failed, or how Jussie Smollett’s attempted propaganda operation did exactly the opposite of everything he intended:

  1. He betrayed his African American heritage. By faking a hate crime, Jussie Smollett has betrayed his entire race by calling into question any report of an actual hate crime against African Americans.
  2. He betrayed his homosexual community. By faking his a hate crime Jussie Smollett has betrayed his homosexual community by calling into question any future reports of actual hate crimes against the LGBT community.
  3. He has laid bare the incentives of fame that the media have created by their incompetent reporting around race and hate crimes.
  4. He has solidified the notion among the white race that charges of racism are politically motivated and unfair.
  5. He has helped President Trump, his sworn political enemy. In the open-mouth chewing, lip smacking-words of Cardi B: “You ain’t have to do dat. Then you give Donald Trump immunity…” Such wisdom.
  6. He has embarrassed the city of Chicago.
  7. He has enraged gay activists.
  8. He has enraged civil rights activists.
  9. He did not help his career, he ended it.
  10. He discredited the MSM.
  11. He has become a cultural pivot point, nothing will be the same now.
  12. He has created a psychological barrier to all whether or not to accept any news of an actual hate crime, with the now-all-too-real thought, “Is this another Jussie Smollett-type situation? — is this alleged hate crime faked?”
  13. The never-ending gift to his political adversaries. His up-coming indictment and trial will compound the negative impacts of the points above.
  14. Vividly illustrated the reason why most of America cringe when Hollywood stars get involved in politics and why soft-headed, incompetent singers who fancy themselves as sophisticated political operatives should not attempt propaganda operations. Smollett’s EPIC FAIL of his propaganda operation against the white race and Trump supporters is like a bomb-maker who blows himself, and his team up.
  15. The liberal wing of Jussie’s Jewish heritage is probably not too happy with the discrediting and substantial damage he has inflicted on the credibility of hate crimes, and the great setback to the cause of equating MAGA supporters with racists and homophobes.

The latest news is the Jussie Smollett sent the much-vaulted hate letter to himself. (It that has a picture of a stick figure hanging from a tree with a gun pointed at it, see below.) He had the idea for the fake attack because when he released the letter to the media it did not get enough attention, so he decided to double-down, so say the two brothers who he hired to beat him up.

Here are some of the memes about the Smollett self-inflicted explosion that took out him and his allies.

The “gay tupac” is a particularly popular target of the internet’s ridicule. These come with F-bomb warnings:

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