Main Stream Media Coverage Decisions about Jussie Smollett has Ended their Convening Authority to Label Someone or Some Action as Racist

The MSM’s tepid, weak, pathetic, non-existent and feet-dragging-reluctant coverage of the Jussie Smollett lie to paint Trump supporters as racist homophobes has removed their ability, their self-assumed “moral authority” to declare any future action or person racist.

Their cognitive dissonance and inability to understand the fundamental racially and politically motivated propaganda operation aimed at white Trump supporters is not misunderstood at all by Trump supporters.

Smollett and the media when after us as a class. The media fanned the flames. And while they did it, the media beat their chests about the morality of their actions.

And when the charges were clearly false — the media stayed silent and has not been embarrassed or attacked Smollett.

This non-action during the unravelling of the Smollett story simply means white supporters of Trump can pretty much ignore the media on issues of race from this point on — their racial and political bias against whites has given them a blind spot that white Trump supporters see clearly, even if the MSM’s politics make them blind to it.

This is an incredibly sad day for hate crimes and racist behavior that actually happen.

This goes for the Empire producers and cast too, who for some reason keep issuing statements of support for Smollett like he is a victim — they have no idea the destruction they are inflicting on their cause of racial equality. To Trump supporters, the only reason to keep backing Smollett now is because of racially motivated, clearly racist behavior.

The media’s continued coddling of Smollett will have much greater political consequences than the MSM understand — and once again, their decisions about what to cover and how to cover it has guaranteed the-white-vote-will-vote-as-a-block out of the simple fact that they perceive the need to protect themselves from politically motivated racial attacks that are untrue and unfair and that the media participate in, facilitate and otherwise enable and fan the flames for ratings and political effect.

Smollett and Phillips showed clearly that given any opportunity to level the most incendiary and devastating attacks calling white Trump supporters racist, the media will do it in a nanosecond. This is why the media’s treatment of Smollett has been so destructive to future actual hate crimes.

Another brilliant performance by a group of bias people whose actions to help their side have the exact opposite effect.

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