It’s Time: The GOP Must Foresake The Seditious Bastard

Perhaps it’s the promise of pardons for felons convicted of assaulting police officers on January 6, 2021, or that he incited the crowd to hunt Vice President Pence, to kill him or incapacitate him, so The Seditious Bastard could appoint General Flynn to be Vice President.

Or perhaps it was The Seditious Bastard (TSB)’s demand — a few days ago — he be “installed” as President.   Oh, we will get right on that, right away, “Mr. President.”

Then it could be that in addition to demanding he be “installed” as President, he demanded a new election, an election mulligan, a do-over, you know, just for him, now, in a couple of weeks.

What about these events possibly mean that The Seditious Bastard has not become unglued?

If the GOP wants to be seen in any way as a party that, you know, supports law and order and the U.S. Constitution, not to mention elections for the peaceful transfer of power, then the Republicans must forsake TSB right now.

For those of you who have not witnessed the steady decline of TSB, and are hoping the insane things he is demanding and promising will not get worse, here is a newsflash: TSB has only begun to heap embarrassment and humiliation on the GOP; he’s just getting started.

And the longer it takes for the GOP to forsake him, the worse it will be for the GOP.

TSB is a drowning man.  And the last thing you do is swim to a drowning man.  He will pull you down too.

OH, wait…

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