Iowa Incompetence Helps Obscure Biden’s 4th Place Finish, But New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina will Crush Him

Biden is eight points behind Sanders in New Hampshire, and the Iowa slow-motion results release of Biden’s 4th place finish is helping Biden, but not for long.

After New Hampshire, he will have lost the first two states.

If I had to guess, the monied establishment will hedge with Mayor Pete from now until Super Tuesday, at the expense (literally, in dollars) of Biden, but just enough to keep Mayor Pete standing and conscious after Nevada, but no more.

The DEMpire will be really watching and waiting for Bloomberg.

Mayor Pete, right now, is the equivalent of an airplane circling, in a holding pattern above the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Among Mayor Pete’s biggest problems is that it’s doubtful that New Hampshire will have a 58% white women turnout to over-index for Mayor Pete.

And Nevada and South Carolina do not have 90% plus white voters (unlike Iowa and New Hampshire) which is the demographic where Mayor Pete excels.

Sanders, interestingly, has more non-white support than Biden, thanks to AOC, Killer Mike, and Carli B.

After New Hampshire, the DEMpire will begin a slow-motion pivot to Bloomberg, ending in a full pivot to Bloomberg after Super Tuesday, once Bloomberg establishes he can gain more than 15% of the delegates.

Watch the DEMpire media establishment begin the pivot post-New Hampshire. It will happen like clock-work.

And then, the Bloomberg-Sanders match up will begin.

Simply put, notwithstanding Super Tuesday, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina will eliminate Warren, Mayor Pete, and Andrew Yang, who, even if they stay in until after Super Tuesday, they will be footnotes and the official end will come shortly thereafter.

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