In July 2010, I Predicted this

From a July 2010 post:

They were warned that if they passed ObamaCare they would lose the U.S. House.

Now, all the whining is just, well, whining.

The fact that the House Dems are SHOCKED that the White House says the Dems could lose the U.S. House shows how unbelievably naive and simple-minded they are.

They are truly lambs led to the slaughter.

But the best part of the entire political death by ObamaCare is that it caused the lion’s share of the destruction of the President’s approval rating, and will contribute the most to the defeat of the Speaker’s majority in the House while likely producing a law that is made null and void by the U.S. Supreme Court.

In other words, the Dems self-destructive behavior includes the law that caused their self-destruction being itself, likely being destroyed by the Dems own incompetence at writing the law.

(In their rush to commit political suicide by ObamaCare, the Dems neglected to put a severability clause in ObamaCare, making the entire law subject to being unconstitutional, if one part of it is found to be by the Supreme Court. The lack of the severability clause can be traced directly to their being no House-Senate Conference on ObamaCare and the Dems insistence on using reconciliation to pass the law.)

The lemmings that went off the cliff for their ObamaCare religion, only to find out upon death that heaven does not await. In fact, the religion itself was a fraud.

ObamaCare will have been all for nothing.

Except, of course, for the political opponents of ObamaCare and the GOP. For them, ObamaCare is the gift that keeps on giving.

And the naive and stupid Dems pound their chests on television about their “tough” votes.

In fact, their votes were really just unbelievably stupid votes.

(The difference between brave and stupid had been lost on them months and months ago.)

Really, they are claiming they were brave to jump off a seven story building and are whining about the pile of bodies on the ground.


The Dems didn’t listen. The Dems wouldn’t listen.

Now, it is time to pay that very high price of their fanatical suicide bomber behavior.

And in August 2010, I wrote this:

Once the provisions that force ObamaCare’s you-like-your-health-plan-so-you-can’t-keep-it on the public, the Dem political pain will get worse.

So the widely disseminated and widely known warnings to the Dems that they were being led by the Jonestown Kool-Aid brigade of Obama-Pelosi-Axelrod, went unheeded. The Dems refused to listen or act, and willfully ignored the public’s concerns and clear and loud opposition.

And sweet justice is on its way.

If, as I believe will happen, the Supremes declare the federal ObamaCare mandate to be unconstitutional, the entire law will fall. It will fall because there is no severability clause in the bill. (There is no severability clause because the Dems were not allowed to have a House-Senate conference on ObamaCare where a severability clause could have been inserted. The House-Senate conference was blocked because Senator DeMint got Senator McConnell to object to the appointment of the conferees.)

So, just to review: ObamaCare is crammed down the American people’s throat. The Dems take a beating politically, especially Obama whose approval rating is down 25 points to 41%. The Dems will have heavy losses in the House and the Senate, and ObamaCare will likely cost Speaker Pelosi her job, and the Dems control of the U.S. House. In the Senate, Obama faces GOP gains that will allow the Republicans to filibuster everything he tries — ever.

And in return, the Dem got ObamaCare, a law that could be declared unconstitutional, leaving it null and void and as if it never passed. All because the Dems would not listen to the public or anyone about stepping back from the brink.

Oh, what fools these Democrats are — really.

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