If Only Trump hadn’t fired the pandemic coordinating team at the National Security Council

By A Guest Author
I read a bunch of these every day and they all suffer from the same basic misunderstanding – gee, if Trump hadn’t fired the pandemic coordinating team at the National Security Council everything would be better.
Here’s why these leftie articles are dangerous:
  1. All you have to do to avoid calamity is overstaff the NSC for every possible contingency – which is to say let’s militarize disasters of all kinds. The left opposes this with every fiber of their being – right up until they want the national guard to impose a curfew. You can’t have it both ways.
  2. Fundamentally misunderstands American federalism – if you want a large national response first you have to be prepared to undermine state authority in times of calm, which even the liberal states resent because if you can undermine state rights (article 10 of the Constitution)  you can thwart different abortion, gun control, liquor laws, tobacco & cannabis regulation, gay marriage, etc.
  3. Other countries are better than us – look at South Korea: ah yes, the democratic paradise of SK, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the US military and a tiny population acclimated to authoritarian rulers. 330 million Americans from every ethnic, religious, racial and sexual stripe aren’t so easily cowed.
  4. Do you notice that the people who wanted open borders are precisely the ones who want year-long home arrest as quarantine? Again, peacetime rhetoric breaking on the rocks of emergency requirements.
Every year, there are tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, wildfires and every year we re-learn what we should have already known. Don’t know why. FEMA has been in place for half a century and Louisiana still doesn’t have statewide building codes. Everyone saw Andrew as a teaching storm in 1992 and then promptly forgot everything until Katrina in 2005. Pandemic is different but from the policy side, all these things look the same. I now think the government works this way since you simply can’t prepare for everything:
  1. We are about 80% ready for everything; mature people know this which is why it should never be one President’s fault;
  2. It makes no sense to prepare for the other 20% since being 100% ready for the wrong catastrophe is no help at all for the current one;
  3. Appropriating money to prepare for what might happen is a cold war phenomenon, not a new world order one. We spend more money taking care of people for their current needs – Social Security/Medicare/Food Security/Subsidized Rent/Welfare – than for future ones and those constituencies are more hungry now than worried about the future.
  4. Americans have no sense of scale – the article did bring this up – which is to say we all know that every year millions of people die from the disease but we magically think that 50,000 people dead from one disease is a catastrophe. It’s not; It’s just Wednesday.
  5. The greatest generation is truly gone – the millennials all think it can be solved (by someone else) without sacrifice (especially theirs) and using someone else’s money. this is simply the shift from the government as an expression of the people to government as an objective force that has nothing to do with the people.
I guess the summation is this – if you want a government prepared for everything, it will cost you everything too. That doesn’t scare lefties, just people who value liberty.

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