“I think you should give Jim Jordan the same time frame I was able to get,” McCarthy said

McCarthy secured his position as Speaker after four days of voting, spanning over a dozen separate floor votes.

McCarthy never faced as many as 22 votes against him like Jordan; McCarthy had a notably smaller opposition from which to cobble together the votes to be Speaker, which McCarthy finally did, but just barely.

As we approach day three of voting on Jordan for Speaker — roughly equivalent to McCarthy’s four-day stretch — credible predictions suggest Jordan’s dissenting vote count will increase, not decrease.

Jordan is anticipated to face more than his already 22 votes in opposition after tomorrow’s third vote, which will mark a continuous rise in votes against him with each round of voting.

Eventually, Jordan will need to confront the inevitable and step aside.

Persisting with further votes will only serve to tarnish the reputation of the House Republicans, reflect poorly on our nation, and further diminish Jordan’s standing.


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