I have had it with Lyft!

Hello to all enterprising class action lawyers!

Here is a definite class action lawsuit against Lyft, and I will gleefully and happily be your first and lead plaintiff:  Lyft is ripping consumers off plain and simply by their fraudulent pick-up times for specific prices.

It is known as a bait-and-switch fraud.

Lyft’s ap says, for example, you will be picked up in 6 minutes if you choose to pay $31.71.

Yesterday, I would pick a time of 6 or 8 minutes to be picked up, and then wait in a blazer and starched shirt in 92-degree temperature as Lyft’s ap would be stuck at 6 or 7 minutes for more than ten minutes.

So I would wait 10 minutes, then have the car stuck at 6 minutes (after 10 minutes) then, I’d call the driver and ask where they were, or I would just cancel the trip.  Whenever I called the driver they were much farther away than what the ap told me was the driver’s location.  Yet another deception.

Then, I’d order another Lyft.

Three times I ordered a Lyft and three times the same thing happened, the car was stuck at 7 or 6 minutes for about 10 minutes.

I finally took an Uber, which told me to the minute (accurately) how far away was the car, and accurately told me when it would arrive.  So I made my dinner but I was delayed 45 minutes.

In short, Lyft baits you with this offer, for x price, we will pick you up in y minutes.

The switch is you pay the x price, and wait for y plus 10 or 15 minutes.

They ought to be sued.

They are deceiving customers and ripping them off.

Any enterprising trial lawyers, please call, text or email!

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