How Putin’s Vote to Annex Ukraine Undermines his Threats of Using Nukes

Apparently, the Kremlin was, oh so very excited about their plan to hold “votes” of the local population of the Ukraine territory under Russian occupation.

Once the population voted at gunpoint to “join” Russia, all would be well.

The territory would be Russian.

The Ukrainians would not dare attack Russian territory!

Now imagine the Ukrainians re-take occupied territory from the Russians, by, you know, attacking it, after they “voted” to join Russia.


So, the “special votes,” er, “referendums,” to make occupied Ukraine part of Russia are really undermining the Russian threats of nuclear retaliation if Russian territory is attacked.


Because Ukraine is now and has been attacking regions that have “voted” to join Russia.

Russia has not used nukes.

So, the part where you hold the population at gunpoint to “vote” to join Russia, means that such areas are not really Russian because they are not treated like Russia is being attacked because no nukes have been fired.

I see.

Makes perfect sense.

Putin the incompetent, strikes again.


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