How is it that the Dems are just noticing?

From Fortune:

  • Obama started his Presidency with a +44 approval rating, it is now at -2.5.
  • When Obama was elected, the Dems in Congress were at +14 in the Generic Ballot.  Now the GOP is at +8, a -22 point swing for the Dems.
  • The latest Gallup poll shows voter enthusiasm for the Dems is at 30% whereas the GOP voter enthusiasm is at 54% — a gap of 24%.  In 2008, when The One was elected, Dem and GOP voter enthusiasm was at a one point difference.

The establishment, the MSM and the Dems are waking up because they are finally being forced to talk to the nation, instead of themselves, and they are now in a panic.

They did not listen to the public on the economy and on health care and they are going to reap the whirlwind.

Thus ends the lesson in irrational behavior laced with a general and high dose of Groupthink.

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