How Cowards are causing a Strategic Economic Crash of the West

Cowards have no business making hard choices. They are psychologically, physiologically and spiritually deficient, and cannot (are incapable) of making the right choice. They are not built for it — because they are cowards.

Furthermore, they are so afraid, they will not allow those with courage to make the right choice for them.

Cowardliness is rampant in the West and epidemic in the Western financial elite.

Cowardliness is the driving force behind the elites inability to stop doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

In order to continue be cowardly, the West creates bigger and bigger bailouts — for nation states that cannot stop giving money and services away because it is somehow moral to bankrupt everyone in the name of giving a class of people what others make and create.

The planned International Monetary Fund $800 billion bailout of Spain and Italy is the latest cowardly act of the Western financial elite. It is another prime example of cowards who take the easy path out every time. A key part of the groupthink-gone-wild–is that the repeated failure of the repeated bailouts of Greece is actively ignored.

Printing Euros, printing dollars, piling more debt on old debt and debasing Western currency will not change the strategic nature of the debt crisis — is the only solution they ever try. All the while, the foundations of the strategic debt crisis — Western spending on social services like health care, retirement payments — are left unchanged in any meaningful sense.

Each time there is a bailout the cries and shouting of cuts in spending are proclaimed loudly and dutifully printed and carried on television by the international media elite, all the while, money is printed or borrowed and handed over.

Oh, and no real cuts never, ever happen. Remember the “debt ceiling” debate? Guess how much spending the U.S. cut in 2012? You will never, ever guess. The Congressional Budget Office announced the cuts in 2012 — a whopping $1 billion.

The cowards in the West refuse to recognize that they have reached the end of efficacy of the model of taking from those who make money, and borrowing from those who have money, to give it to those who cannot make money or borrow it.

This cowardliness combined with the elite’s ability to actively refuse to face reality will allow the rise of China and Islam as economic powers that will overtake the West.

China has tried to tell the West it is on a suicide-by-debt path, to no avail.

Islam will soon have a new, hard currency based on oil.

Meanwhile, the elite of the financial West do not even know what the term “fiscal gap” means, let alone that the U.S. fiscal gap, at its last counting, was minus $211 trillion U.S. dollars.

The cowards want to do more of the same failing — except bigger. It is like rampping up production on wiggets that lose money. The more you make and sell at a loss, the more money you lose.

The coward-in-chief is Obama. He kicked off the super-debt, super-spendathon with the stimulus and ObamaCare — which he forced on his hapless fellow Democrats and caused 83 freshmen GOP U.S. House members to be elected. Paul Krugman is the cowards “intellectual” leader. And Western Europe is continually lectured by the U.S. and it’s cowardly financial elite leaders, to just print more money to “solve” their problems.

The cowards think that if they just give the Western economy more time or “breathing room” to grow their way out of debt, all will be well. But the policy of borrowing money and taking money from those who earn it or have it to give to those who don’t have it or cannot make it, is stopping economic growth.

Those who have it or make it cannot service the massive nation-state debt and pay for all the services and wealth transfer mechanisms the elite continue to put place (and refuse to cut) to provide cash and services. This is the heart of the matter.

The cowards cannot stop giving other people’s money away, because to do so is immoral, they think. Obama’s cry that ObamaCare is the “right thing to do” is a perfect example. And the fact that ObamaCare was the key issue that killed any real cuts in entitlement spending for the super committee, is another log on the fire that is burning down the economic stability and growth of the West.

If Congress does not stop the cowards from using U.S. money to bailout Spain and Italy through the International Monetary Fund then the West will have themselves to blame for the rise of Islam and China.

But who really cares about the strategic economic posture of West? The Federal Reserve or the International Monetary Fund or the U.S. Treasury and it’s leaders, which keeps urging Europe to print money?

Each of those institutions want to do more of what has failed — and each believe that debt of nations is the route to power over those nations, power to those institutions who offer debt, which will have power over those who take the debt. (A quick reading of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, would help the ignorant understand, maybe.)

Meanwhile, Joe-six-pack is forced to endure and muddle through an economy that does not grow, with a chronic, Europe-like unemployment rate, and a currency that is being debased by electronically creating trillions of it, right out of thin air.

This is moral, according to the cowards.

It is certain economic suicide — with blinders on — and the active and willful refusal to recognize the fiscal gap, is exhibit E in the ignorance of the elite to suppress basic facts which may, perhaps, possibly, maybe-if-the-planets-align, stop them from acting cowardly.

And, God do I hate cowards. They are destroying our country and the Western world one bailout, one massive social program like ObamaCare, and one fiscal crisis summit at a time.

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