How about a Natural Immunity Card with the Same Privileges as a Vaccination Card?

This card could be issued after a simple antibody test.

This idea came about after a VERY LONG and at times prickly discussion with my favorite Dem, who is admittedly not a healthcare or science expert.

Essentially, our conversation, mostly by text, came down to this:


Later she suggested there could be an antibody test to prove natural immunity.

I suggested there could be a card issued after such a test.

She wanted a test for natural immunity since she wouldn’t trust an honor system on attesting to natural immunity, mainly because some people think they’ve had Covid (and some of them have not) and, those looking to evade having to take the vaccine would say they had natural immunity, but may not.

So how about, we create a natural immunity card for those who have been infected with Covid and have immunity because they have recovered, and have an anti-body test to prove it?

This Israeli study suggests those with natural immunity have immunity that is 27 times stronger than immunity through the vaccine.

Of course, immunity through the vaccine and natural immunity gives you “T-Rex” immunity, according to one doctor, and even one vaccine shot gives those with natural immunity additional protection against the Delta variant.

At any rate, once created, a natural immunity card could be given the same legal weight as a vaccine card — for those that demand it, like employers and restaurants.

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  1. October 6, 2021

    […] The influence of natural immunity to help end the pandemic is also why I suggested a catagory for natural immunity on vaccination cards. […]

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