Hotline: Liberals Freak Out over Stupak — Attack NARAL and Emily’s List Leadership

The roundup of liberal blogs from Hotline:

“The netroots remain very upset about the passage of Rep. Bart Stupak‘s (D-MI) amendment to the House health care bill, which prohibited insurance plans purchased with government subsidies from covering abortions. Liberal bloggers are calling it “the most expansive restriction on access to abortion Congress has passed” and warning that it will drive women out of the Dem party. Another blogger complains: “Apparently, even though it is not listed on his official biography and he has no apparent medical training, Stupak thinks of himself as a doctor and feels comfortable inserting himself in between millions of women and their physicians.” Meanwhile, lefty bloggers are working hard to ensure that the Senate doesn’t attach its own version of Stupak’s amendment to the Senate health care bill.

What else is happening in the blogosphere?

  • Pro-choice organizations are taking a lot of heat from the netroots following the passage of the Stupak amendment. digby thinks NARAL “needs to hold [Pres.] Nancy Keenan accountable for being completely ineffectual over and over again.” DavidNYC argues that “if groups like NARAL and EMILY’s List ever want to start being effective,” they need to support primary challenges for Dems who voted for the Stupak amendment. Meanwhile, Jane Hamsher is urging Planned Parenthood and NARAL to score the House health care reform bill in order to “keep members of the Senate from coming out in favor of it.”
  • After liberal bloggers (McCarter, Cooper, digby) criticized Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) for saying that she could live with the Stupak amendment being in the final health care bill, McCaskill came out against the Stupak amendment on her Twitter feed. Meanwhile, one lefty blogger estimates that abortion opponents lack the 60 votes in the Senate that will be necessary to attach a version of the Stupak amendment to the Senate bill.
  • Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas is urging his readers to stop donating money to the DCCC, since “the bulk of the DCCC’s money” is going to go to Dems who voted for the Stupak amendment and/or against the health care reform bill. On the other hand, liberal bloggers (Empsall, Willis) are praising the vulnerable House Dems who voted for the bill.”

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