Hillary’s Claim After Her Defeat about the Russians is No Different than Trump’s Claim After His Defeat about Cheating

Hillary’s claim after her defeat about the Russians is no different than Trump’s claim after his defeat about cheating, there is no proof for either claim.

And both allegations have had a great and profoundly negative effect on our Republic.

Both Hillary and Trump should grow up and accept responsibility for their loss at the polls.

It is especially ironic that Trump continues his non-stop whining.

He was told to take many, many actions to secure the election.  And he was told repeatedly, by multiple sources.

Trump ignored them all.

And he did absolutely nothing, nothing at all.

President Obama, for example, did far, far more than Trump to protect the nation from cyber hacking.

I know, because I and others rang the alarm bell about it and President Obama responded by mobilizing every single U.S. intelligence agency, all 17 of them, to do three things:

  1. to physically and electronically protect all our state and federal election voting and tabulation systems;
  2. to be on hyper-alert to detect any attempted electronic intrusion; and,
  3. to respond against any hackers and shut them down.

But would you know that Trump did nothing, that he did not mobilize the U.S. intelligence community to protect our sacred voting system?

No, you’d never know it.  You’d think Trump actually took steps to protect our national election system.

You’d think that because of Trump’s non-stop complaining and whining about how the election was “stolen,” a claim for which he has no proof.  A claim for which 60 Republican and Democratic judges have thrown out of courts all across the nation.

It makes him look ridiculous since he has no proof of cheating.

It makes him look small and petty and pathetic when you know, as I and many others do, he did nothing serious to protect our voting system.

It makes you think he wanted to whine and moan and discredit our election system all along.

But he has done far worse than his incompetence and criminal neglect of protecting the nation’s system of voting, he is a seditious bastard who talked about martial law to cure an injury he has no proof of and suborned the Constitution by attempting to get a mob to force Vice President Pence to decertify key state’s certification of the Presidential election.

Trump needs to be charged and tried for sedition and treason and fraud, for his claims that there was cheating in the election, for which he has no proof, but has raised hundreds of millions of dollars off of from Americans.


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