Hanna: Regarding Steve Jobs, Babe Ruth, Nelson Mandela, Bill Clinton, Jamie Foxx and Newt Gingrich

Colin Hanna sent this email out yesterday, and I thought it was worth sharing:

After battling with cancer for seven years, Apple founder Steve Jobs left this earth on Wednesday at the youthful age of 56. Looking back at his life, it is clear that Jobs left nothing on the table, pushing the limits of imagination and perseverance, and as a result, left this world a much better place. His example is an inspiration for us all.

Like many of you, Steve Jobs’ products have provided significant value to my life. I own an iPhone and iPad and depend on them to run to Let Freedom Ring.

Many are not aware that Steve Jobs was adopted as a child. It is a powerful reminder that every child deserves a chance to live, possessing the potential to change the world the way Jobs did, to be the future President of the United States, to find cures for cancer, or be the best friend of your daughter.

A few years ago our friends at Catholic Vote released one of my all-time favorite advertisements about the multitude of prominent people, including Jobs, that were adopted and became famous only after they were given a chance to live.


Colin Hanna
Let Freedom Ring

I have embedded the video, below:

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