Gruber: The Key Question about ObamaCare

From the National Journal:

“The question is, in Mississippi, do they run those ads, and does somebody from the tea party get on afterwards and say, ‘Stick it to the government. Pay a penalty instead.’ ” said Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist, who worked on the Massachusetts and federal plans.


I could not agree more.

Gruber is saying that when the healthy drop out, and the pool gets sicker, the prices go up even faster. If ObamaCare is a bridge, then Gruber has called out the main stress point that will, if pushed, collapse the bridge.

Too bad the liberal ObamaCare cheering section don’t get it. Greg Sargent over at The Plum Line thinks this is all about Republicans refusing to do the inevitable — implement ObamaCare. I’m sure this liberal chest-beating feels great.

It’s just that this “refusal to implement it” is not it at all.

Any cursory reading of the history of the three key provisions of ObamaCare shows that within five or six years of implementations, these reforms collapse the health care market they’ve been forced on.

These reforms are guaranteed issue, a must-buy health insurance mandate and community rating.

I know, J. Patrick Rooney and I wrote a book about it. (A book whose price has gone up since it has gone out of print.)

The problem for the liberals is they do not understand what Gruber is talking about. They hear tea-party and they become blinded by emotion.

Guarantee issue means that you can get insurance anytime you want — once you are sick.

Community rating means that the young and or the healthy must subsidize the older and less healthy.

This means the cost in premiums for the younger and the healthy skyrocket — creating a massive, additional financial burden that Americas must-pay-because-you-are-forced-to by ObamaCare.

Liberals refused, actively refused to listen to the part that is coming WIDESCREEN: massive premium price increases on the young and healthy will force them to rebel against what the vast majority of Americans in polls have told the liberal egg-heads and ObamaCare cheerleaders: the public hates the mandate.

Now, Gruber will blame this all on the tea-partiers.

But the fact remains that ObamaCare forces the American to pay massive amounts of money more than they would have had to pay if ObamaCare did not exist, and forces them to do what they do not want to do to begin with: comply with a mandate.

The problem is not that the GOP refuses to implement ObamaCare. The GOP are merely responding to their own constituents who hate the mandate, hate that they will have to pay through the nose to comply with something they oppose.

The liberals only have themselves to blame for not listening when the law was being drafted, and for their kneeling before the AARP on the question of the extreme version of community rating that is in the law.

And for the liberals insistence that guaranteed issue is a moral issue, and therefore, it is OK to force everyone to comply.

Good luck with that.

Really. The anti-Constitutional actions of Justice Roberts have given the liberals the chance to see their morality in action.

We should all give ObamaCare a chance to do its thing.

We will all see if the history of guaranteed issue, community rating and the mandate are a guide to the future, as Rooney and I outlined in our book — or not.

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