Gruber: ObamaCare Sign Ups may be Threatened by Lack of “Moral Support” for the Law

The left’s leading thinker on ObamaCare has a simple concern. He’s worried that the level of the “moral support” of ObamaCare could lead to problems with American’s signing up.

Totally unpredictable. Really.

He is worried that a huge segment of the American population is going to refuse to participate in ObamaCare because it increases the cost of their health care, or they otherwise oppose it.

The other half of this concern is there is no downside to not participating, other than a $95 fine the first year.

If Americans don’t participate, and they get sick, they will get insurance and treatment anyway — it is called guaranteed issue. This was a key part of the ObamaCare reform — everyone will get health insurance, always, and the Federal government will make sure the sick can have it, and will subsidize it too.

According to Gruber:

“A lot of the reason we succeeded in Massachusetts is because we ran ads during Red Sox games telling people you have to sign up for health insurance,”

“The overall level of moral support of the enterprise — which is pushing people to sign up, not undercutting the vision of the law — that’s something I’m worried about.”

The Democrats great moral superiority that fueled their ObamaCare cram down, may be responsible for a critical number of non-participants who do not share the Dems view of ObamaCare’s morality.

Here is the whole story, which I found posted at the Moderate Voice:

Rocky road ahead for implementation of Obamacare (via AFP)

President Barack Obama may have defeated opponents of his landmark health care law in the courts and at the ballot box, but the sweeping reforms still face a rocky road ahead. Advocates are concerned that the funding needed to help expand coverage to 30 million uninsured Americans could take a hit…

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