The GOP is Completely Unprepared for the Political Offensive Obama has Planned for 2014

From “Obama’s Eyes are on 2014,” and even a rudimentary understanding of what happened in the 2012 election means that Obama is facing a weakened and strategically disadvantaged enemy:

“His apparent two-year strategy is to work hard to help Democrats win back control of the House of Representatives and use his final two years to build the liberal legacy he outlined in his address — a legacy that will be near-impossible to achieve as long as the GOP controls the House.

But with Democrats in charge of both chambers of Congress in 2015-16, Obama would be transformed from a lame duck to a soaring eagle. He could slam through much of the legislation he broadly outlined in his speech, and will sketch in more detail in his State of the Union message on Feb. 12:

– Stem climate change.

– Control guns.

– Reduce dependence on oil and coal, stymie natural gas fracking and develop alternative cleaner energy sources.

– Expand gay and women’s rights.

– Liberalize immigration laws.

– Expand government spending for infrastructure, education, health care and aid to the poor.

– Raise taxes further on the wealthy.

– Minimize reforms of Medicare and Social Security.”

The above is a reasonable recitation of the broad agenda items of the next term in the Obama Presidency.

What is clear is the determination and focus that Obama has, is not and has not been replicated within the GOP, especially since the establishment wing that won the GOP presidential primary and their hand picked operatives failed so spectacularly in the November elections. They control the party, and they are not prepared and do not even understand what they are up against.

Expect more of the same from the GOP (losing badly and broadly) with the exception of the gun issue, which has a different status simply because there are Senate Democrats that do not want to touch the issue with a ten foot pole, at least, for now.

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