Get Used to the Michelle Factor?

“A NBC/Wall St. Journal poll released this week found that only half of Clinton supporters are backing the Illinois senator, while 21 percent said they will support McCain. More than a quarter remain undecided.”

This poll came out before the news that Senator Obama had not even considered Senator Hillary Clinton for his running mate, he never had her vetted.

Just prior to the news that  Senator Clinton had been rejected out-of-hand by Senator Obama, the New York Times closed an article with the following:

Many here said they feared that Mrs. Clinton did not fully appreciate the divide that remained among Democratic voters. Ms. Shaffer, a part-time medical technician, said many older voters she knew were still struggling with racial prejudice, an issue Mrs. Clinton did not substantially address.

Ileen J. Cantor, 46, a Democratic precinct coordinator in Boca Raton, said that among many lifelong Jewish Democrats, “it’s still iffy, which is freaking me out.”

Jennifer Boxen, 35, a librarian at Florida Atlantic, applauded vigorously when Mrs. Clinton said she and Mr. Obama had been “on two paths” but were now on “one journey.” But she said she was still not sure whom she would vote for.

“Ask me again next Tuesday,” Ms. Boxen said, “after I know who the vice-presidential pick is.”

It is quite possible that Senator Obama really believes the McCain-doesn’t-know-what-he-is-up-against line, but it really stretches credibility to believe that — if anyone should know what Senator Obama is up against, it is Senator Obama.  So why not pick Senator Clinton for the VP spot, the one sure way to stop the Democratic Party bleeding and absolutely insure a win?

Is it arrogance on Senator Obama’s part?  Was it Hillary’s assassination comment?

Or is it Michelle?  (There can only be one, Queen Bee).

Is Michelle also the reason Senator Obama said the abortion issue is “above my pay grade”?

Where, by the way, is Michelle?

Ever since her fist bump on the View, Michelle, it seems, has been disappeared.

Her influence, however, may being felt by America on the issue of abortion and on the Hillary-wasn’t-even-vetted approach to picking a VP — there is a touch of irrationality in both events — since some basic political calculations appear not to have been made, which will have devastating consequences.

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