Former president Trump, the Seditious Bastard, is Mostly and Predominantly a Liar

Trump effortlessly and swiftly fabricates whenever he perceives a sufficient number of people will be swayed by it.

Since his conviction for 34 felonies, he was asked about leading chants of “Lock her up!  Lock her up!  Lock her up!” at rallies when he was running against Hillary Clinton.

He denied ever saying, “Lock her up.”

At rally after rally, he’d be leading chants of “Lock her up!” over and over again, but faced with the hypocrisy of his statement, given he is a convicted felon,  he lied and said he never said “Lock her up!”

As I said, he lies quickly and easily, and when he thinks enough — not all — just enough people will believe his lie to make it worthwhile for himself.

He is also, without a doubt, a lying, seditious bastard.

Did I mention he is a liar?

And that he lies to fool people because he knows some people will believe him and his lies, people he thinks are fools.

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