For the Main Stream Media, it Used to be Blame America First, Now it’s Blame White Males First

Either the media set up internal protocols so they aren’t duped by fake hate crimes, — Jussie Smollett and Nathan Phillips — or they will elect Trump and whoever’s next by permanently alienating the white race.

The MSM are as short sighted as they are shrill, so I expect that they will do absolutely nothing to resist the fake race-bait that blames white males.

So be it.

And they are so unaware that this basic political fact needs to be pointed out to them because they think their actions carry no consequences.

Either they are suffering from the on-going delusion of believing their own propaganda or they are deliberately and knowingly attempting to gaslight America. For the sake of this post, let’s assume its the former.

An example of their willingness to believe Smollett and throw out any normal reporting standards is that story after story about the Smollett fantasy did not use the word “alleged” to describe what happened, despite the fact that the media routinely use that word even when someone is indicted and arrested for a crime, but has not had a trial. And those so invested in the MAGA equals racist and homophobic narrative actually attacked journalists who used the word “alleged” to describe the attacks, as this piece about victimology points out.

The media also willfully ignored any information that the attack was faked, including any of the following bizarre behavior: Smollett asked the police to turn off their body cams when reporting the crime (while still had the rope around his neck he said the attackers used, almost an hour after the attack — like some prop or trophy, not exactly the behavior of a traumatized victim). Strangely, even though Smollett said he was on the phone with his agent when the attack happened, Smollett refused to turn over his phone records unedited to the police and Smollett’s Hollywood agent also refused to turn over his phone records. Further, Smollett’s Subway sandwich was still in hand and perfectly intact when arrived at his apartment after being “attacked.”

Then, there is this all-time classic — hate-crime-fakers-are-stupid: “Smollett said the mysterious MAGA men poured bleach on his head, but bleach freezes at 18 degrees. The weather on Tuesday was a low of minus 9 degrees. The bleach will not pour.”

It turns out Smollett and his agent had every financial incentive to cook up the story because he was being written out of the script of Empire and needed some media attention for the hit his career was taking. They had everything to gain financially and from their perspective, there was no risk of getting caught by a media who would willfully ignore any information that went against the narrative the media was already committed to: that MAGA voters are racists homophobes. (Since the agent was obviously in on it, I wonder if he helped underwrite it as a P.R. or marketing expense for Smollett’s career?)

Smollett apparently paid his pals $3,500 and rehearsed the attack — but when the police pressured the two Nigerians who allegedly attacked Smollett they gave up the truth including where they bought the rope for the “lynching” narrative.

Of course, on cue Senator Booker tweeted about the need to pass his “anti-lynching” bill.

Not to be outdone, an hour and a half later, the leader of the Democratic Presidential Primary Kamala Harris tweets about the “lynching” narrative.

It turns out, just like after the Nathan Phillips incident, the modern-day equivalent of “I was wrong” is to delete a tweet about the subject. This delete-the-tweet is a key indicator — so it matters that Speaker Pelosi just deleted her tweet about the Smollett “attack.”

But the narrative that MAGA voters and supporters — white males especially — are racist and homophobic is the same narrative that helped Trump win his first election and it is the same narrative that will help him win again, especially when it is flogged ad nauseam by a media that keeps doing it over, and over again.

MAGA voters see this narrative as false, and the Smollett/Phillips examples just prove to Trump voters that ignoring the media on this point is justified, no matter how often they repeat it, just like they did during the last presidential election.

Only now, Trump voters have proof and examples of it being false.

It is irrelevant that the media won’t or can’t admit the truth, just like they refused to face the facts and retract what they said about Phillips. The salve they use is to tell themselves that posts like this one are racist: “It’s important to remember, before you go to war with such people, that they will find validation in whatever unscrupulous act they can clasp onto as a sweeping indictment. You have no obligation to sway them. They’re bigots.”


People like Stereo Williams, quoted directly above, are so far removed from the political or racial realities of what Smollett and Phillips did with the media’s active participation, that Smollett’s fake lynching is used by Williams to argue that anyone pointing out the implications of this fake hate crime, is racist.

Why apologize or discipline fakers since talking about the fakers in and of itself is racist, and anyone who does is racist too?

It is like a show-trial in the Soviet Union. It does not occur to Williams that his sweeping generalities are, in and of themselves, racist.

This is why the word racist has lost its currency. It is overused. It is used inaccurately, in a sweeping generalized fashion.

And it is used as a tool in the political arsenal against a class of people who the mainstream media not only disagree with but hold in contempt because of their political views. This makes it less and less effective.

MAGA voters get it. And if Williams thinks calling anyone who talks about Smollett’s fake attack is racist, which he does, then he is merely hardening the Trump base against charges like William’s is leveling and is helping to re-elect Trump.

Crying wolf over the Smollett and Phillips debases and discredit true racist incidents, and that, more than anything is the reality and tragedy of the ranting to prove what they “know” in their head is true about MAGA voters.

But really, the all-aboard-the-MAGA-media-lynching-wagon is doing tremendous damage to the credibility about actual racist events and hate crimes that actually happen.

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