For the Love of God and Country, Will Someone Please Indict Donald J. Trump for Insurrection

That I believe that Donald J. Trump is a seditious bastard, is well known.

But for the sake of history, the voters in November, the rule of law, the fundamental needs of justice, and as a clear and present warning to all would-be baby Trumps, if you fu** with the peaceful transfer of power between Presidents and repeatedly and purposefully undermine our elections, all while losing 62 of 63 court cases on the election, there will be consequences.  There must be consequences.

Trump’s claims of cheating and that the election was stolen are laid bare by the fact that he lost 62 of 63 court cases, many with Trump-appointed Judges. The only one he won was a procedural motion, and of course, in the substance of that case about the election, Trump lost.

The American voters need to know if there was a crime of insurrection the seditious bastard committed or not.

We need a trial where evidence is presented, and a judge and jury decide on whether Trump is a seditious bastard or he committed no crime and is innocent.

Put up, or shut up.

The Trumpers repeatedly bring up the point that the seditious bastard has not been indicted for insurrection because the government can’t prove it, and, therefore, because the seditious bastard has not been indicted, he must be innocent.

This argument will haunt and ring its way through the libraries of history unless the seditious bastard is indicted and tried.

The Trumpests need to be shown Trump is guilty in a court of law, where the seditious bastard committed the crime, in Washington, D.C.

What are the Trumpers afraid of?

Oh, I know.

A conviction of insurrection.

That will set off a wave of states kicking the seditious bastard off the ballot because he has been tried and found guilty of insurrection in a federal court.

Just amend the list of indictments with one for insurrection, for the love of God.

If the Supreme Court says that Trump has total immunity and could use U.S. military or intelligence community assets to kill an opposing political candidate, as Trump claims, then fine, Biden could too.

If the Supreme Court says Trump has no immunity for charges around 1/6, then indict the seditious bastard for insurrection and put him on trial.

A win will clear up the question in many voter’s minds and is a great and wondrous opportunity to clarify and solidify Trump’s ignominious place in history.

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