For Dems, Repeal of ObamaCare is the least expensive Political Option

The Democrats and others on the left have been counting on ObamaCare becoming an ingrained part of America, once it was signed into law.

Just like any other entitlement — never end, never change.

The fundamental part of this assumption that is wrong is that the Democrats assume that all the things they said about the law were true, mainly because they absolutely refused to listen to ObamaCare opponents — either opponents who were experts in health care or who opponents who were voters.

Some of the on-going political problems for ObamaCare will be created by the effects of the law:

1.  Higher premiums;

2. Forced changes to health plans;

3. Increased government control of health care services and access to care,

4. the IRS enforcement of the mandate to buy health insurance; and

5. large employers who decide to drop their coverage altogether and put their employees in the government run and government controlled exchanges.

Just like what happened to the HMOs — a private sector rationing experiment — Americans will chafe under these rules, especially because the government can be counted on being incompetent in their execution of an already fatally flawed plan.

This, of course, does not include what the courts will do to the law.

The grinding political pain for the Dems will be increased as the law comes into effect, not lessened.

At least some Dems understand that the price increases, rules that limit freedom and the basic denial of services and shortages will be forced on working Americans, and will hit and hurt voters the most.

This little bit of news is finally sinking in among Dems: those who benefit from ObamaCare don’t vote.

Plain and simple, the Dems will continue to inflict political pain on themselves because they hurt voters with ObamaCare and the law will keep hurting voters, and help non-voters.

Opponents will only have to point out all the bad things the law has created and is creating, and will do it happily, consistently and repeatedly.

The Dems will be forced to keep blaming insurers in a system politicians control and created.  It will simply not be credible to voters have to live with what ObamaCare has wrought.

The Dems, after this election, will not touch health care again.  They will not be able to pass their single payer plan.

The only thing the Dems will have done is politically harm themselves — until they allow the bill to be repealed or replaced.

They own ObamaCare, and over time — especially after the mid-term elections — the Dems will beg to have it removed as a political issue, and ultimately realize the only way that can happen is to repeal ObamaCare.

But The One is so arrogant and so blinded by his own Oneness, that he will never admit his bill needs to be replaced or repealed, so the Dems will have this sucking chest wound as long as The One is in office.

ObamaCare is the political gift to its opponents that keeps hurting the Dems, and will keep hurting them — for as long as it is law.

And surprisingly, some of the smartest Dems are beginning to get this fact.

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