FireDogLake’s Realistic Political Assessment of Dems Health Reform

Not your lapdog media types, even though FireDogLake is a liberal site:

The fact is polling shows most Americans think the law is unconstitutional. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll from two months ago found 51 percent thought the Court should rule against the law, and just 26 percent thought they should find it constitutional. Similarly, a Quinnipiac poll from April found, by a margin of 49 percent to 38 percent, Americans want the Court to rule against the law.

Another problem is that a bad ruling could just as easily dishearten the Democrats’ base instead of rallying it. It could create a real sense of futility. It would mean Obama wasted much of his first term with nothing to show for it, and it would be highly unlikely that Obama would be able to pass a new health care law in his second term.

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