Even Peter Lee Agrees, it’s all about the Young and Healthy

Here are the basics: Peter Lee, in charge of the California exchanges, believes in his heart that the young and healthy will sign up for the exchanges in numbers large enough to offset numbers of the less healthy, who will swarm ObamaCare.

He insists that the young and healthy will sign up, but admits, if he is wrong, the predictions of terrible price hikes will come true.

Of course, news that two-thirds of Americans are unsure if they will insure under ObamaCare could put a crimp in his prediction.

California is betting on the young and healthy signing up, and literally, the future of ObamaCare depends on it.

You have to wonder though, given the attention, media time and ink ObamaCare has received over the last three years, that there may be a very serious problem if everyone still needs to be educated about how ObamaCare works — which is what Lee says needs to happen for everyone to sign up.


Sounds like liberal dreaming to me. The way to get the young to sign up for ObamaCare is to make it in their financial interest to sign up — but a 60% to 100% rate hike in California insurance premiums is not the way to attract the healthy. (Goodman says the rate hike in California next year is sixty percent, Roy, in Forbes says it’s 100%.)

Worth repeating, from Politico:

Peter Lee, the head of California’s health exchange, says the predictions of terrible rate hikes “would be true if few people enroll” — because only the sickest ones would sign up — but the leaders of the exchange convinced the state’s health insurance that they’ll be able to enroll enough people that they’ll get the healthy ones, too.

Lee said it also helped that the exchange leaders explained to insurers that there are mechanisms in Obamacare to help reduce the risk that they’ll be stuck with high costs — like special payments to help health insurance plans that do draw unusually large numbers of sick people.

“Just as consumers need to be educated over the next six months, most health plans needed to be educated over the last year and a half” about how Obamacare really works, Lee said.

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