Thirteen Reasons Palin unbounced Obama

There are many reasons that McCain’s Vice Presidential pick resonates far better with likely voters than does Obama’s pick of Senator Biden (D-DE):

  1. It gives Hillary Clinton supporters a positive reason to vote for McCain because he picked a woman, a deed (not a speech) which speaks directly to the roughly 50 percent of Hillary’s supporters who either will not, or are uncertain, about whether they will vote for Obama.  Hillary Clinton made clear her praise of the Palin nomination: “We should all be proud of Governor Sarah Palin’s historic nomination, and I congratulate her and Senator McCain….Governor Palin will add an important new voice to the debate.”
  2. It reinforces McCain’s maverick, independent image (antidote to the McBush charge);
  3. Palin is authentic: her fifth child has downs-syndrome; she was nicknamed Barracuda on the basketball court, she would wake up at 3 AM on school days to go moose hunting with her father, her husband is not a Republican and is a card carrying member of the United Steelworkers Union, and her 17 year old daughter is pregnant;
  4. Palin’s husband is a four-time winner of the Iron Dog snowmobile race — read: NASCAR voters and Michigan voters unite — and in the last race he slipped from third to fourth place when he broke his arm after hitting an unseen and snow covered 55 gallon oil drum while racing on his snowmobile doing 50 to 60 miles per hour. He and his snowmobile had to be towed across the finish line;
  5. Palin has two years Chief Executive experience as Governor of Alaska, two more years executive experience than Obama;
  6. Palin’s political credentials are essentially that she is a reformer/outsider who took on and won against the Republican political establishment in Alaska, and is, in fact, an independent and tough woman;
  7. Palin is a bright shinning contrast to the Washington-insider, gray haired, 20+ year Senator Biden who is as close to politics as usual as you can get (the average age of the McCain-Palin ticket is only 2 years higher than the average age of the Obama-Biden ticket)
  8. Palin’s looks are an asset;
  9. McCain’s courage and creativity shown in picking Palin is also a a great example of his governing style, and the fact that he really does not care about picking from inside the Washington, D.C. establishment;
  10. The political cognoscenti inside-the-beltway is in shock (which is both fun and satisfying for the public to watch) — mostly because they are scared the Palin pick will work with women voters, further reinforcing Obama’s slipping poll numbers in the women over 40 and over 50 categories, and because the media establishment has no one close to Palin they can use to influence or gain intelligence about her;
  11. Essentially, the left wing media has become unglued.  They are apoplectic about Palin.  They are indulging in an orgy of talking to themselves, except that they are doing it in the national media.  It will cost them, big time.  They are dissing, in color, the blue collar workers and union members and the part of the American culture that Palin speaks to.  But the media cannot help themselves.  Voters, however, will remember.  They will remember the contempt with which they are viewed by the elites, and they will happily return the favor in the voting booth.  It reminds me of the funeral for Paul Wellstone, or pounding the media gave Oliver North the first days of the Iran-Contra hearings, and when the polling came back, the media and Congress stepped back.  Psst: Palin has never even been on Meet the Press;
  12. Voters in the West put an enormous amount of stock in the fact that Palin was born and educated in the real West (Idaho) and this fact will help McCain in Colorado;
  13. The graduate degree crowd cannot get over the fact that Palin is has a minor in Political Science from (sniff) the University of Idaho (the horror) and this is exactly why Palin will lock up the West for McCain.  The West understands what the East thinks of them — which is put on full display in this very helpful Baltimore Sun column by Susan Reimer.  Reimer writes: “Barack Obama was the editor of the Harvard Law Review, for heaven’s sake. And the best McCain can do is a woman who minored in poly-sci at the University of Idaho?
  14. The no-bounce Obama convention is a sign of very troubled waters ahead for the Dems, and the only reasonable explanation for the no-Obama-bounce is the Palin pick, and if you are wondering why Palin un-bounced Obama, please see items 1 through 13, above.

The fact that Maureen Dowd essentially is giving the pick a feet-up-on-the-desk, lean-back-in-the-chair thumbs-up is politically significant.  Joe Trippi, the cutting edge Democratic consultant who spun up the net-roots for Howard Dean, is one Democrat who is taking the Palin pick very seriously.  Politico ran this piece about why the Palin story line details will help McCain.  The elites may hate the Palin pick for many reasons, but the voters lover her for the same reasons.

For those who are inclined to discount or discredit Palin, it may help for you to read the following, published in the New Republic:

But in probing this candidate, it would behoove the Democrats and the pundits to shed the notion that they are dealing with some dimwitted bumpkin (Dan Quayle seems to come up a lot lately) who’s going to start crying when they ask her to name the president of Azerbaijan; or that Palin is the townie who was brought into the Skull & Bones initiation night for the amusement of all; or that somehow the prom queen ballots got mixed up with the Alaska gubernatorial poll. Trivialize her at your own peril.

“Sarah Palin is a living reminder that the ultimate source of political power in this country is not the Kennedy School or the Davos Summit or an Ariana Huffington salon; even now, power emanates from the electorate itself. More precisely, power in 2008 emanates from the working class electorates of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

“Sooner or later, the Obama camp will realize that the beauty pageant queen is an enormously talented populist in a year that is ripe for populism. For their own sake, it had better be sooner.”

And if you have any questions about an Alaskan reporter’s view of Palin, perhaps the former Staff Director of the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations can persuade you that Governor Palin is an actual doer — i.e. someone who does not talk about doing, but accomplishes big things.

Meanwhile, the New York Times is trying its best to give Palin the Dan Quayle vetting treatment.  This approach will just create blowback for the Times among women who already feel dissed by the media’s pounding of Hillary and loving embrace of Obama.  This blog post may help explain: Hillary Supporters Enraged Over Attacks on Sarah Palin’s 17-year-old Daughter. (The Times is shocked that Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant.)  What is really so funny is the Times really believes their story is news.  This treatment by the media will have precisely the opposite effect than the New York Times expects, it will increase the cleaving of women voters from Obama.

The column linked here from the NY Post makes an excellent point: drum beating by the media elites about Palin’s inability to take care of her fifth child if she is Vice President is 1950s sexism — since when do liberals yell and scream about how a mother should stay at home?

Why the Obama camp would try and attack Governor Palin on executive experience, when Obama has had no executive experience, is a head-scratcher.  The Obama camp line lead to the E.J. Dionne Palin column, in which Dionne says the McCain pick has a “breathtaking recklessness” about it.  The reason Dionne and others are so concerned is simple: they think the Palin pick will help McCain win, as do 52% of the likely voters Zogby polled in his recent three day post-Palin pick Presidential poll.

Bottom line: the no-bounce Obama convention (Zogby has McCain up by two points in his post-Palin pick poll) is yet another sign of the wisdom and political clarity of thought embodied by the Palin pick.  (Days after her speech, Palin posts higher poll numbers than Obama in popularity.)

In short, quoting The Washington Post columnist Tom Shales about Palin’s Convention acceptance speech:  “Nobody could watch that speech and still consider her a joke, no matter how flimsy her credentials and qualifications may seem on paper. The joke, it seems, is on those who’d been laughing at her. Last night the laughing ended — and the cheering began.”

Oh, one other thing: our Mamma beats your Obama.

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