Dems Strategic Posture is in a Wheel Chair

ObamaCare broke their back.

The President says he will not “walk away from health care reform,” so, will he wheel away?

Dem health care reform is so destructive, so toxic that everyone who touches it dies politically. Oh, and this happened last time too. But the Speaker and the President were too arrogant to respect 1994.

It is like plutonium. There are dead bodies everywhere and Obama-channelling-Axelrod says, “I’m not going to walk away.” The Trillion Dollar President says he will never “stop fighting.” Speaker Pelosi says: “We have to get a bill passed.”

My view is — OK. Please don’t stop.

The “L” shaped Reconciliation ambush is just about done — more claymores please! Did I mention that it would be just GREAT if the Dems won’t stop?

I hear the reconciliation process makes the Dems particularly delusional — sort of like eating the wrong mushrooms — you hallucinate a whole lot: see Rep. Grayson (D-FL) get his arms and legs removed by Chris Matthews. (Yet another House member claiming Senate rule understanding or expertise. Uh, huh.)

The Dems need to understand that their moral arrogance on health care has put more than 1 in 10 Dem U.S. Representatives in hospice care, who will obviously not return. The ratio will be higher in the Senate, where Senator Nelson, Senator Reid and Senator Lincoln are terminal.

When Dems try health care reform they should treat themselves like they are Dr. Jekyll and Hyde — lock themselves in a room under guard so they do not destroy themselves — and the innocents. But they won’t. They think they are on a crusade and that what they are doing is moral — it’s not, and the voters don’t think it is either, twice now.

They thought 1994 was Hillary’s fault. Is 2010 the Speaker’s fault? Or is the Trillion Dollar President just arrogant and naive? It’s a dangerous mix in the White House — see the mushroom cloud ObamaCare has wrought.

More heath care equals more Massachusetts. I’m in.

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