Dems Need to Save Face and Kill ObamaCare — Progressives Provide the Best Option

It is laughable how much the Democrats have hurt themselves politically and continue to hurt themselves politically in their Obama-Pelosi-Reid led health care jihad.

Exhibit A is what is happening in Massachusetts.  For those wonder which poll to believe, the poll showing the unknown GOP Brown up by one point over the Massachusetts Attorney General, or the Boston Globe poll showing the Attorney General up by 15 — we just have to wait a mere week to really find out what the voters think.

But the only relevant fact is that the poll showing Brown up by one was done by the liberal Public Policy Polling company.  They were the second most accurate predictors of the results of the November off-year elections in New Jersey and Virginia.

When will the gray beards of the Democratic Party exert themselves and tell the leadership they need a face-saving way out of the ObamaCare political shredding machine?

The clearest path to saving face while saving themselves is to let the Progressives kill the health bill.  There are a myriad of excuses to do so, everything from taxes, to immigration to the public option to abortion.

The Dems should be focusing on an exit strategy to kill the bill and save face.

Otherwise, their losses in November will take them a decade to recover from.

It is obvious to the public that the Democrats do not care what the public thinks, and at each stage the health care bill moves closer to passage, the farther President Obama’s approval rating drops — now at a new low according to CBS News of 46% — and the wider the Gallup generic ballot spread becomes.  The CBS poll found Obama had a 32% approval rating on health care.

The Dems are teaching the independent and swing voters one thing over and over again: we don’t care what you think.

No one likes being ignored.  Everyone feels some humiliation at it.  And being humiliated brings anger.  And humiliating voters is exactly what the Democrats keep doing.

But they are on a jihad, and Obama, Pelosi and Reid will not stop.  The Dems need an intervention, now.

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