Dem Insider Pleads with Obama to Make Up his Mind on Health Care, the Economy and Afghanistan

Mark Penn in Politico:

“But as a point of strategy, the president has to get off the fence — either energizing the left or strengthening the center. And he might satisfy the left on defense and the center on health care or vice versa. The pitfalls he needs to avoid are halfway decisions all around. That path threatens to undermine support and will build bewilderment, not consensus.”

Meanwhile, today’s CBS poll results show Obama dropped seven points with Independent voters over his Afghanistan hand-wringing (gee, what a shock):

“Approval for Mr. Obama’s handling of the situation in Afghanistan has dropped as well as more Americans now disapprove than approve….

The president’s approval rating has dropped seven points among independents. Forty-five percent of independents now approve of how the president is handling his job. Last month, a majority of 52 percent approved.”

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