Day Two: the Speaker and House Majority Leader Trash ObamaCare

Turns out that the interpretation that the Dems are bluffing on reconciliation is a charitable interpretation. It assumes they have a plan.

The other alternative view, that the President really is serious about reconciliation, is so unserious that most in D.C. don’t take it seriously.  (Read Eric Cantor’s House Whip Count Memo here about why the Dems do not have the votes in the House for Reconciliation.)

The naivete, the inexperience, the reality-bending-ability to seriously believe that one more speech or one more try will make it pass, must be so pervasive in the mind of the President and those around him, that you have to wonder what will happen to the psyche of these Pollyannas when reality finally and urgently cannot be ignored or hidden, from what will be their ever widening eyes.

Add the irrationality of the Speaker on passing “universal health care” to the mix, and you have the makings of yet another uber-trainwreck — the first was last August, the second December-January, and now, the third in April-May or May-June?

Meanwhile, yesterday, the Chairman of the Blue Dogs Rep. Heath Shuler (D-NC) said “I was actually surprised that they’re pushing it again.” Shuler also said “I don’t think a comprehensive bill can pass.”

The Speaker got tiff-ity when she heard of Shuler’s remarks: “You know what? With all due respect to everyone, we just saw the president’s proposal today. I don’t know that anybody in our caucus is saying we’re not going to pass a bill.”

But the President is not taking about “a bill,” he’s talking (for about the millionth time — including a speech to a joint session of Congress) about passing his bill. Well, it’s not actually a bill. There is no legislative language and it has not been introduced in Congress. Obama has more of a power point.

The Speaker was pushing Obama’s death-by-power-point, right up until the second day after it was unveiled. Yesterday, the Speaker pivoted cleanly to “a bill.”

The Speaker is not alone. AP reports that “House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said comprehensive reform would be best but it’s not all or nothing.” Hoyer said “We may not be able to do all.”

Gee, what a shock. Everyone but the delusionals saw this coming from about 17 miles away.

On Day Two of the White House roll out, the two top Dem Leaders of the House are publicly saying they are not going to pass it.

And the list of NYETS is growing. For example, leaders of the House liberals like Rep. Weiner and Rep. Kucinich are publicly saying, “why should I vote for it without a public option?” Indeed, why should you?

Then add the pro-life Dems who have their heels dug in, and are at a firm NO. The President is wasting the country’s time and has been for 14 months on ObamaCare. Doesn’t the county have other problems that need addressing?

You don’t need to be a mere 17 miles away to see what is coming, hell, you can see it from a low earth orbit. It’s the end of the line. And for clarity of what else is coming, and why, just watch Charlie Cook.

The Speaker will lose her job when the Dems lose the House, which they will, and the single biggest reason will be ObamaCare. It showed the public the Dems do not care what voters think. The Dems bought off opposition with the Louisiana Purchase and the Nebraska Kick-back — knowing the public hates it — but they did it anyway.

The downright lack of respect I have for the Dems over ObamaCare is that they persist, knowing it is politically destructive to themselves and their colleagues. And the Dems still do not realize — despite Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey — that they will lose, and not pass any bill.

Trying to pass ObamaCare now is like a Jackass stunt gone wrong, where the idiot doing it dies. In this version, everyone told the idiot if you try the stunt, you will die. But the idiot was arrogant and was so desperate to pull off the never-been-done-before-stunt.

Here is another example of the Dems self-destructiveness from Bloomberg:

White House officials and congressional Democrats signaled a willingness to push through President Barack Obama’s new health-care plan with only Democratic support, even with a bipartisan summit set for this week.

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