Darwinism in the Pandemic Age

Posted by Mike Ahmadi this morning:

Darwinism. It’s tough to deny it and even tougher to fight it. I’m not talking about the whole man evolving from apes thing that gets the collective panties of all Fundamental Christians in a wad. I’m talking about natural selection…or the more to the point survival of the fittest. That part is the science baby. It’s how weed growers end up with killer strains. It’s how we end up with stronger horses and beefier beef. Those that are deemed by the earth and it’s inhabitants as being more fit are the ones who survive.

Fighting natural selection is some nasty business. It means that the “less than fit” gets to keep breeding with the fittest, and then we end up with problems that not only do not go away but can indeed keep getting bigger.

It seems callous to, for example, consider that the more we do to prevent those with peanut allergies from eating peanuts, the more people with peanut allergies will appear. That has actually happened. Children are being told not to bring Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches to school anymore because we have kids with peanut allergies everywhere. Little Billy can eat turkey instead because Jimmy is allergic to peanuts. Try and argue that one kid in a school of 200 with a peanut allergy is not a good reason to ban PB&J and you will get every social warrior within internet distance on your ass, accusing you of everything from genocide to racism (racism is apparently the nuclear bomb of argument closers).

So the concept of letting natural selection (Darwinism) get is to herd immunity during the reign of Covid 19 does not bode well for many. We get it. Darwinism is a real thing. We know how it works, we use it when we need it, but letting the unfit fall to it right now is a tough pill to swallow.

So we wait for the Deus ex machina to arrive. The miracle drug. The disinfectant drip. The vaccine to end all vaccines…anything, anything to keep even one more person from dying. Population control just doesn’t cut it anymore. We are too civilized for that idea.

Let me see if there’s anything new on Netflix…

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