Cowardice Kills

Once again, we see the lesson in politics, cowardice kills.

Those Dems — as in all of them — who did not have the courage or the fortitude to really very seriously oppose Pelosi’s Jonestown Kool-Aid drinking party that lasted the entire Congress, and included cap and tax, ObamaCare, teacher’s bailouts, auto bailouts, bank bailouts, tax hikes and Medicare cuts are now paying the price.

They are, in the final weeks of this election campaign attempting to do what they should have done the entire Congress, publicly stand up to the Speaker.

It is an impossible task to do it credibly because they are doing too little, too late, when the all of the horses are out of the proverbial barn — the bailouts, cap and tax, ObamaCare, Medicare cuts and tax hikes.

So now (seriously) Politico reports the following:

“[Tennessee Democratic congressional candidate] Carter’s remarks [calling for the Speaker to step down] represent the boldest attempt yet of a House Democratic candidate to distinguish himself from Pelosi. Rep. Joe Donnelly of Indiana has run TV ads criticizing “Nancy Pelosi’s energy tax,” while Rep. Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania has aired commercials featuring constituents praising him for “stan[ding] up” to Pelosi and President Barack Obama. Rep. Heath Shuler, a North Carolina Democrat, told an audience recently that he was considering not voting for Pelosi as speaker.” 

So who cares if Heath Shuler says he is considering not to vote for Pelosi as Speaker?

Shuler voted for ObamaCare because the Speaker demanded he vote for ObamaCare.

I don’t believe that Heath Shuler or Joe Altmire or Jason Donnelly will vote against Speaker Pelosi.

These are weak men who get pushed around and do what is not in their own interest, even when they know it is not in their interest.

Who lead the Democratic opposition to these career killing things (see list above) Speaker Pelosi forced on them?

None of them.  Not a single one.

Where were they with this new-found opposition to the Speaker when it mattered?

They all headed for the tall grass, that’s where.

Hiding in their offices, doing what the Speaker told them to do.

Where was their courage then?

Even if they voted against some of the things causing them obvious and clearly predictable political problems that come from not doing what voters demand, these Members did not lead any opposition publicly, did not force their — now they claim — serious differences with the Speaker into the public debate or into the fierce heat of political battle.

They did not fight to win.

They mumbled in their shoes that they disagreed, and they left the field with their tail between their legs.

And they did a whole lot of whining while they were whimpering, behind closed doors.

Remember Rep. Pomeroy pleading to end the ObamaCare debate and standing up in conference, only to allow himself to be forced to recant his entire previous statement (like some Chinese Communist show trial) and tell the Dem conference he was voting for ObamaCare?

Simply put, Rep. Pomeroy is a coward.

They-are-all-Pomeroys-now and say they will be courageous now when their political lives are on the line.I don’t believe them.  No one should.  It is the height of hilarity to think they will be courageous.

They were cowards all session, and once a coward, in my book, always a coward.

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