Comparing AOC to Hitler is Vile and Disgusting — and it Pisses Me Off

It is clear that certain conservatives are unnerved and frightened by AOC.

They should be, she is a courageous and powerful woman of color.

It is without exaggeration that she has achieved more as a freshman U.S. House Representative than any freshman in the history of the U.S. House.

AOC completely changed the positions of most candidates in the Democratic Presidential race, including the soon-to-be-presumptive nominee, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Last quarter, she raised more money and the sitting Speaker of the U.S. House, Nancy Pelosi.

None of these things is any small trick.

And none of these accomplishments have been done before by any white, male Congressman or any U.S. Representative of any color or sex.

Some conservative operatives here in Washington, D.C. feel strongly that even acknowledging the obvious, that AOC is a powerful, courageous, highly effective freshman Congresswoman (of color) is helping her.

If stating the obvious is somehow helping her, then I am happily guilty.

And some Democrats, actually, in my experience, more Democrats push back harder against my views of AOC than conservatives — these Dems like it less than the conservatives do when I praise AOC or point out her many strengths.

After the speed and closeness with which Sanders came to winning, there are a number of Democratic lobbyists and swamp creatures who are much more concerned about AOC’s reach and effectiveness than ever before.

Let me say that I can’t stand and hate equally fascists and communists.

And calling someone who has not themselves self-identified as either a fascist or communist is simply a complete break with the American political system and understanding of shared values.

I am not saying there do not exist either Communists or Fascist who hide their true colors and beliefs for many reasons, I am just saying that absent proof, such as the accused self-identifying as such, then these terms simply have no place in the U.S. political dialogue and sphere.  Neither should liberals or conservatives accuse anyone of these terms.

Their ability to flood the listener with emotion and act as propaganda is just too great, as well as are vile characterizations of the target.

The vile attacks on AOC, especially this one, have been causing me to be disgusted and angry at the use of images of Hitler.

The use of images of Hitler attack her are simply out-of-line, beyond the pale and need to be attacked for brain-dead extremism and should have no place in any political debate.

Unlike 99% of the other U.S. House Reps, AOC took to the House floor to speak about the Pandemic relief bill, the CARE Act.

She blasted the bill as a massive corporate bailout without enough protections for workers leaving AOC to face a vile choice of leaving those impacted with nothing or contributing to the greatest income gap in the history of our nation.

It was a brilliant, heartfelt and effective speech.

Where were all the other members of the U.S. House Representatives?

Not in Washington, that is for sure.  They fled the Capitol the week before.  Quickly.

But not AOC.  She did not put her personal safety from the Wuhan virus over her responsibilities as a Congresswoman.

She stood in the arena.

She did not leave.

The woman is a national treasure.

And comparing AOC to Hiter is not only repulsive and wrong in every conceivable way, but it also debases the term Fascist, which neither progressives, liberals or conservatives should be using to describe people who have a great commitment to the Republic and to democracy.

Just ask Chris Matthews.

How about we all just agree that the use of any comparison of any U.S. politician of any stripe is out of bounds — unless, of course, they have self-identified as a fascist or communist.


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