Clinton’s Quicksand

In this story, you have this bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Freshman President who was a U.S. Senator for a year or two, and a two term President and ex-governor whose wife just got beat for the Presidency.

Clinton and his wife were particularly sick of the arrogance and condescending tones about how the FNG was going to pass health care in the first year. The you’ve-had-your-turn-dismissal-attitude. And the ever endearing quality your opponent just loves: I-can-do-better.

So the health care effort starts to fray and the veteran pol tells the freshman what he wants to hear: if you just stick with it and pass the bill — instead of the big mistake we made of abandoning health care when it was so unpopular — then paradise awaits. And the White House drinks deep from the chalice of the veteran, while his wife announces she will not run for President again.

The subtext from the veteran is designed to make the message be consumed whole: YES-YOU-CAN-DO-BETTER-THAN-HILLARY-AND-I.

Uh, just stand over there, I know the ground is a little soft, but it will harden up.

“Really?” says the FNG.

“Really, really” says the veteran.

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