Cheering Heartily for Andrew Puzder, the chief executive officer of CKE Restaurants Inc.

I have written in the past about cowards, and that in general, I cannot stand them. None of my colleagues I work with are cowards. I refuse to work with them. When the going gets tough, they bolt and head for the tall grass. It is simply better to never, ever be in a position where they are an ally.

But this post is different.

It is about Andrew Puzder. He is courageous. He is brave. He has what it takes.

He is the CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc. and he has spoken up, written, testified and generally become a Herman Cain like folk hero among those who refuse to stop warning about what ObamaCare is doing to the U.S. health care system and the U.S. economy. (Herman Cain, you may recall, as CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, publicly called out President Clinton, to his face, on national television about the effects on the health care system and the economy of HillaryCare.)

Today, cowards reign. Businesses, generally, refuse to publicly take a stand about how any government program is destroying their economic model. Many businesses hide behind their associations and expect someone else to fight for them. And then they want to do it on the cheap. They never understand or want to pay what it takes to move the country on a national scale. They are too busy dithering.

Except, on ObamaCare, the companies you’d expect to fight, joined the other side. The drug companies and the American Medical Association both backed the passage of ObamaCare — so did the health insurance agents (because everyone will be forced to buy their product) — who now find their commissions squeezed or non-existent. Some days the insurers were for the bill, some days they refused to lift a finger, and other days they put up ads against it.

So, don’t count on the associations to do what is right for their members, they are too often bought off by slippery politicians. Not surprisingly, these associations are shocked to find they have been double crossed and betrayed. (I know, shocking, betrayal in Washington.) This happened to the Business Roundtable, they asked for specific things in ObamaCare, which were promised, but did not make it into the bill.

This is why Andrew Puzder is a Great American.

He is not allowing the hand-wringers, the cowards, the false-negotiators-and-deal-makers or the look-at-their-shoes-when-they-talk types to talk him out of speaking up and acting in his company’s own interest.

America needs more Andrew Puzder’s.

Just so everyone knows, I’ve never met or spoken to Puzder, so this is not some post about a pal of mine.

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