Capretta: Apparently, August Never Happened

This just in from National Review:

“During August, in scores of meetings which were held in all parts of the country and attended by thousands, concerned citizens sent unmistakable signals to their elected political leaders that if Congress is going to produce anything on health-care this year — and many openly stated they hope nothing at all will pass — they want it to be a more targeted, less expensive, and less controversial product, and one based on bipartisan consensus and not ideological ambition.  Polls show most Americans are strongly opposed to a full governmental takeover of U.S. health-care, and they rightly sense that is exactly what would happen if the bills currently under consideration were to pass.


“And so how are Democrats responding to this spontaneous display of widespread public disapproval of their planned agenda?  Not with a sensible course correction, it seems.  No, by all appearances, it’s still full steam ahead.


“Yesterday, Pres. Obama delivered a campaign-style speech to his union supporters which made news mainly because the president went off of his prepared remarks to deliver a false attack on his political opponents.  The president said those who are against his government-heavy plan have offered no alternatives, which is flatly not true.  Months ago, Senators Coburn and Burr, and Congressmen Ryan and Nunes offered the Patients’ Choice Act which would build a true consumer-driven marketplace for insurance and medical services.”

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