Bobby Bright (D-AL) Declares in TV Ad, he won’t vote for Pelosi as Speaker

The biggest drag on the Dems:


Conventional wisdom holds that midterm elections are referendums on the president— and Obama is certainly the central figure in the unfolding drama of the 2010 election. But if Democrats lose the House, it’s likely to be as much a rejection of the policies and politics of a woman who has managed to simultaneously become one of the most powerful speakers in congressional history and one of the most unpopular figures in American politics today.

In less than four years as Speaker, polls show her image has been transformed from a barrier-breaking politician into something less lofty, a Democratic Newt Gingrich whose hard ideological drive has so alienated middle America that nearly every competitive race on the board is infused to some degree by voter animus toward her.

The anti-Pelosi rage that permeates Republican events and registers in public surveys will almost certainly contribute to the ouster of a wide swath of Democrats. She is the symbol of a “wrong track” Congress that has energized Republicans and left Democrats at home with their apathy. The only question is how many of her troops will be cut down.

A handful of Democrats have already asserted they will not vote for her as Speaker in the 112th Congress. Among them is Rep. Bobby Bright (D-Ala.), who went so far as to air a television ad Tuesday promising constituents that he “won’t vote for Pelosi.”

This publicly and partially confirms something I heard months ago — and at the time was told that a “blood oath” was taken among a handful of Dems — that they will never, under any circumstances vote for Pelosi as Speaker.

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