Bloomberg’s Everytown Gun Control Group Countered the GOP Get Out the Vote Advantage with Gun Voters in Virginia, plans to “crush Donald Trump”

Eighteen months ago, the Atlantic ran an article about how former Mayor Michael Bloomberg was going to create a data enterprise that takes “all the data,” commercial and political on every possible voter and uses it to target and influence likely voters and turn out voters for the Democrats on election night.

As the Atlantic put it:

“Bloomberg is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into a data-centric political operation designed to ensure one goal: crush Donald Trump.”

Tuesday’s elections were at trial run. Here is how CNN reported the after-action details:

“WASHINGTON (CNN)More than $166,000 in contributions, mailings and digital ads to help a political newcomer take on a Republican incumbent in a Richmond-area Senate district. More than $146,000 to help an Air Force veteran seek an open Senate seat in a fast-growing suburban county. About $75,000 to target the only Republican representing Northern Virginia in the state’s House of Delegates.

On Tuesday in Virginia, all three seats flipped from Republican to Democrat — after a $2.5 million spending spree in the state by Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun-control group aligned with billionaire former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The investments made the Bloomberg-affiliated organization the largest outside spender in the elections that saw Democrats take control of the state’s executive and legislative branches for the first time in a generation.

Everytown officials — who provided CNN with details of their Virginia strategy — say their approach to the off-year election demonstrates the potency of the gun-safety message one year before the nation heads to the polls to decide control of Congress and the White House. The spending also underscores how aggressively the deep-pocketed group will pursue its agenda in the months ahead. Everytown outspent the embattled National Rifle Association by roughly 8-to-1 in Virginia, plowing money into the state to target vulnerable Republicans months in advance of Tuesday’s election.”

Bloomberg is playing for keeps. His more than $100 million infusions into Democratic U.S. House races ten days before the mid-terms locked up the U.S. House for the Democrats, and if he turns his big data project on swing states while dwarfing NRA spending 8:1, it will very well make the difference between winning and losing key Electoral College swing states for Trump.

Here is how CNBC reported it: “Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun-control advocacy group that the former New York mayor helps fund, spent $2.5 million this year to influence voters in Virginia versus approximately $300,000 by the NRA, which has its headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.”

And: “In the past, the NRA has had its way with lawmakers because it was considered powerful and wealthy, and that has dynamically changed drastically — even within the last year,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, which is part of Everytown.”

The NRA essentially confirmed that Bloomberg is responsible for the election-night victory, as reported by CNBC:

The NRA, in a statement, said “Virginians are about to experience life under a distant tycoon’s thumb,” referring to Bloomberg. “Candidates who proudly accepted Bloomberg’s cash — and every voter they misled — will soon realize the cost of being beholden to a Manhattan billionaire who despises Virginians’ right to self-defense,” the organization said.

At a minimum, the Republicans need to evenly counter-balance the Bloomberg advantage that showed itself on election night.

While not reported, my guess is that Bloomberg’s big data operation played a key role in Pennsylvania too.

And that they targeted the suburbs in a test for November 2020 to “crush Donald Trump,” their stated goal.

Here is the one group that could counter Bloomberg’s new gun-control voters: Blexit, and no, it is not a typo. Not Brexit, Blexit.

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