Bloomberg’s Bizzare, Desperate and Impulsive Decision to Maybe Run for President

Unknown to many in the political class, who pride themselves on knowing things, Michael Bloomberg, the former New York City Republican Mayor, whose net worth is estimated to be $40 billion, has surrounded himself with top Democratic operatives and been building a big data, open-source, voter ID, voter persuasion, and get out the vote system that he tested last week on election night in Virginia and Pennsylvania.

His system worked.

The Dems had a mini-wave election. Blue everywhere.

Then, seemingly out of the blue, Bloomberg announces he has staff in Alabama and they are collecting signatures to make sure his name is on the ballot for the Democratic Presidential primary.

He clearly thinks his system will work, for him too.

Plus, given Wall Street’s slow-motion freak-out over Senator Warren, and Biden’s poor performance as a candidate, and in the polls and in fund-raising results, it makes sense that Bloomberg would conclude, as has been widely reported, that Sen. Warren will win the nomination and then lose the general election.

Bloomberg knows that Wall Street will, at the point Sen. Warren wins the nomination, back Trump.

What follows is the part where Trump derangement syndrome really starts to make normal, rationale people like Bloomberg, take part in flights of fancy.

Serious people do not believe that any candidate can “skip” New Hampshire, Iowa, Nevada, and South Carolina. Bloomberg’s operatives say he will focus on Super Tuesday because other candidates already “have a big head start,” and “Bloomberg needs to be realistic about where he can make up ground.” Please read that sentence again. And really think about what it means.

The political class and the American people, and Bloomberg himself, apparently, are being told to believe this is possible — even though, in every other previous Presidential primary, when a campaign announces their candidate was going to “skip” Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina, a deathwatch begins.

Skipping early states has always been read as code for “I can’t win,” or this my campaign has moved into “Hail Mary” status.

But skipping all the early states? It’s never been done before and could be read as “I am the best candidate in the history of the Democratic primary” and “I am so great I don’t have to do what other candidates do,” like show up and compete in Iowa and New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Uh, huh.

Then there is the notion that a former Republican, who is at best from the Democrats perspective, a moderate Democrat, who is a White. Male. Billionaire. can win the Democratic Party’s nomination in an age of AOC, Warren and CNN’s lalapalooza of impeachment.

There is also the new development that establishment mass media outlets (one of which Bloomberg has his name on and he owns) have an extremely high distrust factor — and with all this, that he can win?


This torqued-around thinking must be ascribed to one of the worst cases of Trump derangement syndrome, combined with a big dose of reality-impregnable-groupthink unseen in, well, perhaps forever.

Maybe this is just Bloomberg doing what he can so that once Trump wins, he can tell everyone he did what he could, that he “tried.”

This is, essentially, the theory that was between the words of “New York-based Democratic pollster Jeff Pollock,” whose sad, deflated tone came through in his quote to the Associated Press: “This is a team that is very smart and methodical. It reflects a feeling that the field cannot beat Donald Trump, and therefore, they feel like they have to try.”

What is clear, however, is that Bloomberg’s actions are a damning of the Democratic field in a way that is both brutal and wide-screen.

Bloomberg is underlining the elite’s belief in the never-put-to-bed-narrative that Biden can’t win the primary and Warren can’t win the general election.

It is not a serious effort, unworthy of someone who, normally, everyone should take seriously.

There is little doubt Bloomberg will be embarrassed.

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