Bloomberg Businessweek: MN Insurer that Drank the ObamaCare Kool-Aid, now finds it’s “not sustainable”

by Administrator
January 7, 2015

Reality intervenes to financially injure an insurer that drank the ObamaCare Kool-Aid, from Bloomberg Businessweek:

“A year ago, PreferredOne looked like an Obamacare success story: The Minnesota health plan offered some of the lowest premiums in the country and captured 60 percent of the state’s roughly 55,000 new Obamacare enrollees. But those premiums were too low, it turns out, to cover the medical care and other expenses of all those new customers. In the fall, PreferredOne steeply hiked rates for 2015 and dropped out of Minnesota’s Affordable Care Act marketplace entirely, saying it was “not sustainable” to continue.”

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