As of 7/15/2020: An Estimated 51 Million Americans have Been Infected with COVID-19

The 11.1 percent unemployment rate and the acceleration of the insolvency of the Social Security Trust Fund by more than a half dozen years to 2029 are a mere fraction of the very, very high cost of ‘slow the spread.’

The COVID-19 virus cannot be stopped – and the economic and political costs of trying to slow what cannot be stopped, are too high.

Every single scientist knows that in pandemic math, once you exceed a 1% infection rate of a given population, the spread cannot be stopped.  This has been known for years.  (The known infection rate is 3.4 million Americans, more than 1% of our U.S. Census estimate of 329 million.)

But when the “official” known infection counts do not take into the findings of the antibody testing studies that show between 10 and 20 times the number of known infections, then a solid estimate is that about 50 million Americans have been infected.

Here is the math: 3.4 million known infections times 15 asymptomatic or unknown infections = 51 million.

And if you think the known infections are the only infections that exist, even a “record number of 100,000 infections a day in the U.S.” will take 8.99 years to infect all 329,000,000 Americans.

Unless people start understanding the degree of the infections to date, how many will be infected in the future and the mortality rates using the asymptomatic count, then the fear-mongering, hand-wringing, shrill media will keep pushing the shutdown narrative until all the blue states close schools in the fall.

The virus cannot be negotiated with, talked down or stopped.

Someone has to level with the American people – obviously, any observer can see that the messaging to date is not working.

And it’s killing the economy and the WH politically.

Waiting for a vaccine against COVID-19, the same family of viruses that causes the common cold is not a viable strategy for November, or to make sure the schools are open Labor Day.

Doctors are just one group who have taken a financial beating. Any travel or tourism business or professional sports or entertainment has taken a severe hit, as well as millions of small businesses.

Even a vaccine infects the recipient.

We just need to understand, sooner or later, everyone will be infected.

And that cannot be stopped.

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