AOC’s Take Down of Lieberman Made Biden Old

The AOC takedown of former Senator Lieberman also took out former Vice President Biden. In two words, “who dis?” AOC made Biden old too.

Even though there is probably some policy I agree with AOC about (I’m not sure what it is) I have tremendous respect for what she has done in her short time on the national political scene.

She validated Senator Sander’s Medicare for All policy simply because AOC was for it. Now, Medicare for All is young and vibrant and everywhere, WIDESCREEN.

Lieberman did not cite Senator Sander’s as the source waters of Medicare for All, no, he pinned that on AOC.

And she crushed him for criticising her.

Not since Trump uttered the now famous words “low energy” has a two word response had such national effect.

And she took out Lieberman’s close friend, Senator Joe Biden, with the same “who dis?” tweet.

Instantly, not only did Lieberman seem old, so does Biden. (The fact that they are good friends that hang out, does not help Biden.)

AOC’s make-Biden-old tweet also made Senator Harris (D-CA) seem reasonable, not-too-young and likable.

The cognoscenti in Washington D.C. is downplaying AOC’s influence and impact. That is because she scares them, and they don’t understand her power and her reach.

Just like her backing Medicare for All put it in the mainstream media in a way it has never been before, AOC’s 70% tax on the rich landed her everywhere in the media, so-much so that the meeting of the global master class at Davos felt compelled to comment:

“It’s scary,” Scott Minerd, global chief investment officer for Guggenheim Partners, told CNBC. “By the time we get to the presidential election, this is going to gain more momentum. And I think the likelihood that a 70 percent tax rate, or something like that, becomes policy is actually very real.”

How many freshman House members are interviewed on 60 Minutes, and then the power of her words are such that the worlds richest profess to be scared of her and feel it necessary to attack her ideas?

None that I can recall, ever.

Obviously, the fact that those opposing her tax idea are billionaires simply validates it.

Which is likely why Senator Harris mimicked AOC’s tax the rich in Harris’s wildly successful announcement speech.

The Democratic front-runner is cherry-picking AOC’s campaign issues. It begs the question if that is a, or the, key reason Harris is the front-runner.

There is no denying it, the force is strong with AOC.

Watch the effects of her actions.

Simply put, she has been unbelievably successful in validating her agenda in a way that is simply global, everywhere and is awe-inspiring.

That’s after she took out a top Democratic House leader in a primary and arrived in Congress as the youngest woman to serve, ever.

Oh. That.

Here is a preview: the Dem status-quo, aging out House leadership who don’t get AOC can’t and won’t stop her. But they can break themselves trying.

The most likely result is that she will, simply by standing beside them, make them look old which will convey the visual message they need to ushered out.

Literally, all she has to do is stand there.

Which brings up another point, one of her greatest advantages is the inside-the-beltway ruling class’s dismissive attitude towards her in the one-on-oine conversations I have had with senior Democrats.

And it is this attitude on the part of AOC’s peers of underestimating her that she has taken full and complete advantage, in an impressive and natural manner.

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