Anya Brewster’s Act of Kindness on US Air Flight 754

Five rows of passengers on both sides of the plane on U.S. Air flight 754 from Los Angeles to Philadelphia today arrived at their seats to find a small zip-lock bag of mints, a pack of Wrigley’s Doublemint gum, two Starbursts (which I ate) and ear plugs with this note from Anya Brewster of LA, California:

Our apologies in Advance.

This is our daughter’s first flight and we aren’t quite sure how she’ll do. With any luck she’ll be a dream come true but in the event that she isn’t, here is a pair of ear plugs and a few treats to help you enjoy your flight in spite of her cries.

Brewster Family

I know first-hand how the pressurized cabin of an airplane plays havoc with a child’s ear drums. You can not explain to five month old Riley (above) to swallow or yawn to release the great pressure on her little ears. Babies cry on planes for a number of reasons, but ear-aches are the leading cause.

Anya told me she did it because she “has a little Martha Steward in her.”

Thank you Anya Brewster for your kindness! Every parent who has flown with a small child on a long flight knows how it feels when your child is crying at the top of her lungs on a full flight.

Hats off to you for your gracious kindness and thoughtfulness.

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