Anti-Palin Media puts McCain Up 10 Points Among Likely Voters in USA Today/Gallup Poll

Gee, what a shock: USA Today, Zogby and the Gallup Daily  all have McCain leading Obama.  USA Today’s full Gallup poll has McCain up 4 points among registered voters, up 10 points among likely voters.

The Weekly Standard pegged it when they said this is a direct result of Obama not picking Clinton, and of McCain picking Palin.

The honor role of putting McCain over the top really goes to the unrestrained, contemptuous, disrespectful and disdainful, in many cases just plain hateful and spiteful attacks against Palin by the media.

The media can claim we-were-just-doing-our-job-all-they-want but the “fly-over country” took in all the media’s Palin attacks, then watched her speech and concluded that the stark differences between what the media said about Palin and Palin’s actual speech were due to the fact that the elitist-liberal attackers could not be trusted.  Therefore, Palin will be supported and trusted.

Thank you to all those on The View and every single female journalist who became irrational over the Palin pick.

If Palin was black, what happened to her would be decried by her same attackers as racist.

Middle America, not in control of the media like the liberal elite is, prefers to express their contempt in the polls and the ballot box.  (There were those who accurately predicted this reaction.)

A special thanks goes to Keith Olbermann and E.J. Dionne, who in the pantheon of incompetent media reactions declared, with great moral certitude, that the Palin pick by McCain was “breathtaking[ly] reckless.”  And pounded on her inexperience as the most popular Governor in the United States and the woman who for nearly two years oversaw all oil and gas production in Alaska — not that gas prices have anything to do with the November election.

There has never been a modern Presidential candidiate who leads in the polls shortly after Labor Day that has lost the election, despite ups and downs between Labor Day and Election Day.

The ultimate game changer was the media and their cultural contempt for everyone else, because their arrogance is so ingrained that they cannot shut their mouths, and, I for one, am grateful.

The especially delicious and ironic part is that their lack of restraint, discipline and respect for other views caused them to mortally wound their own cause.

It really is very funny.

If it seems like I am laughing at you, the media, it is because I am.

In an analogy that middle America can understand, you, the liberal elite arrogant media, did not just shoot yourselves in the foot, you emptied the entire clip into your own heads (with great enthusiasm and relish while doing so, all the while saying look-at-me, look-at-me.)

In the words of Spoongebob Squarepants, “Well, good luck with that.”

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