Enjoy the Lull Before the Next Covid-19 Variant Hits — Don’t Be Fooled, Another Variant from Asia is Coming

We should all enjoy the lull in the latest dominant Covid-19 wave.

The next variant is coming; it is not, in my view, BA.4.6 that is ever so slowly growing at the expense of the other variants, but mostly BA.5.

I give it six to eight weeks before this new variant (unnamed) is seriously messing with our lives in the way only an ascendant, highly contagious, and sickening variant can do.

It may not even be called a Covid-19 variant, but some flu that has aspects of Covid-19 in its DNA.  I found it interesting that North Korea is claiming its latest outbreak of illness where North Korea borders China is the flu — not Covid.

It will show up sooner but will be spreading globally by the last two weeks of October, more or less right before Halloween.

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