Ahmadi: “Stop believing the propaganda that health insurance lobbyists keep shoving down our throats.”

By Mike Ahmadi

I think America may finally be waking up to the utter bullshit the insurance led for-profit healthcare system really is.

We are literally still dealing with healthcare professionals that are being denied payment for treatments their patients need, with the insurance companies telling us what we are permitted to receive in terms of drugs and treatments. Right now we hear a lot of people bitching about Trump advising us on healthcare when we have been allowing health insurance companies do it for decades.

Stop believing the bullshit propaganda that health insurance lobbyists keep shoving down our throats.

God has bestowed us all with the ability to apply some critical thinking to such matters and critically thinking about it for only a few minutes will allow you to understand how badly you have been duped.

Over 132,821 known cases in the USA as of this morning. At this rate we will very soon surpass known cases in Italy and China combined. In fact, we can be sure that we already have, considering we have only tested a tiny fraction of our population, and still only gets those who present with severe symptoms.

Everything that scientists and experts have predicted is ringing true, which means that what lies ahead of us will make us remember these days right now as the happier days of the pandemic.



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