Ahmadi: Put the Unemployed by Covid-19 to Work in Manufacturing Critical Goods Now Made in China

By Mike — aka Yoda — Ahmadi

I have always been fond of the saying “When God closes a door he opens a window.”  Simply put, what it means is that for every crisis we face a new opportunity arises to make things better.
So here we are today. I’m not saying the current pandemic is something a god has wrought on us, but it is indeed a crisis. It is, in fact, a global war. It is a war that is between the human race and an unseen microscopic enemy, and it has all the makings of a war. We have a panic, unstable economy, food, and supply issues…and the list goes on. It’s World War Three.
Every war is a crisis, and every war presents an opportunity to make things a lot worse or make things a lot better. After WWII the Germans and Russians decided to make matters a lot worse for many by throwing up a war dividing Germany into East and West Germany. In other news, the Japanese and Americans agreed to rebuild Japan and become friends. This worked out well, particularly for Japan, who profited greatly from the opportunity to rebuild. It began an era of growth and prosperity that lasts to this day for the Japanese. Yes, it sucked that they tried to wipe us off the face of the earth and we followed suit with the A-Bombs, but we looked past that quickly enough to make things better.
So now here we are in the USA. As it turns out the dismisses ravaging the world is only part of the problem we face today. It’s a big one, but it has brought to light some much bigger ones. Among theses bigger problems are coming to the following realizations:
1. Relying on China for our goods and especially critical ones is a really bad idea.
2. We are no longer well equipped to quickly and efficiently deal with a major crisis
3. Our greed-based corporatist profit-driven system is horrifically dangerous when we are in a crisis.
4. Putting health care delivery decisions in the hands of investor-owned and profit-driven insurance companies and investor-owned hospitals is a really bad idea.
5. America has devolved into an economy based on mostly non-essential services that have created a situation we are likely never going to be able to fully recover from.
I’m sure we could come up with a few more, but this list is a good start. As I stated before, the crisis at hand presents us with an opportunity to make things better, or make things worse, and certainly, a mixture of both will likely happen, much like happened post 9/11.
So let’s consider how we are now perhaps facing an opportunity to make things a lot better all of a sudden. Consider item 6 on my list. Shutting down non-essential services (entertainment, restaurants, hairdressers, nail salons, grand hotels) has led to massive unemployment numbering in the millions, and some of these employers are quite likely to shut down forever. Moreover, many of the former employees will never return to their former careers. When at one time it may have looked like a great idea to be a career waiter in a trendy restaurant in San Francisco, the wiser out of work waiter will likely not see returning to this career a safe move. Being non-essential will do that to you.
So what do we do with this potentially very large out of work population? Well, that brings me to item number one on my list. We really need to start making things here in the good old USA again. Companies like 3M should make surgical masks right here. Pharmaceutical companies should make critical drugs right here.
We have been talking about it for years. Trump even tried to get it moving again, but it was and is not an easy task. In order to make this happen, we really need a lot of people who can fully understand the implications of relying on China for critical supplies, plus a compelling reason to reopen and rebuild factories right away, plus a workforce that is ready to get back to work and desperately in need of a job like right now.
…and here the opportunity has presented itself. Right now, in a matter of about a month, the perfect storm has happened. God has closed the door, and now the window is open. Trump and the entire US government now have an opportunity to unite Americans and get behind a plan that will put us back to work and help us re-establish our manufacturing dominance and self-sufficiency that once allowed us to hold our heads up with great pride. The rest of the items on the list will still be in need of being addressed, and may yet be given their own windows of opportunity, but this one is here front and center right now.
So please Mr. President, and please members of Congress, don’t let the window close…because if it does we are likely going to suffocate in the big steaming pile of shit we have created.

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