Ahmadi: Perhaps it is like a Sort of Deus ex machina Reset Button being Pushed

By Mike Ahmadi

So one positive thing I am noticing with this coronavirus drama is that my timeline is less about name-calling and vitriol about Trump and candidates and politics and more about sharing our thoughts, feelings, quips, and anxieties about the very real multi-faceted global crisis we are all now facing.

Regardless of what we may all believe, there are some very real impacts to all our lives that we are dealing with regardless of who we are or what tribe we align with. We are all dealing with canceled trips and events. We are all watching as, one by one, long-standing institutions like seasonal sports shut down.

We are all watching panic-stricken people idiotically hoard, of all things, toilet paper, in preparation for the upcoming shitpocalypse.

We are all witnessing areas where massive groups of consumers once gathered on a daily basis have now become barren ghost towns, with struggling merchants considering how long it will be before they have to shutter their doors permanently. We are bearing witness to a life that is very much becoming about ones and zeroes (yes and no), and not about “perhaps”.

It is the “perhaps” moments in life that I believe affords us all the freedom to rant about things that are less about existential reality, and more about emotionally driven mantras.

As devastating as this situation maybe, I can’t help but believe that perhaps it is like a sort of Deus ex machina reset button being pushed to get us all to realize the world we live in is really not the same world we all complain about, and what really matters is not what we always think really matters.

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